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Whether it’s your first home, dream home or a refinance…we’ve got your back.

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 There’s nothing like that first home feeling. Let us help turn your longings into a reality.

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your second home or beyond

Moving up, scaling down, or moving across town, we’ve seen every story. And we’re ready to help.


refinancing your existing home

Thinking about planting deep roots or pulling out some of your well-earned equity? We can help.

primary Residence Mortgages

Home is closer than you think. We offer 3 yr & 15 yr mortgage options so that you can select the right financing option for your residence. Start your home-owning journey with Jax Fire CU today.


Fixed rate loans

Maintain the original interest rate throughout the entire life of your loan.

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Jumbo Loans

We offer special pricing when your dream home exceeds the loan limit.


Adjustable Rate Loans

Pay a lower payment for a fixed number of years to allow for more flexibility.


Unique loans

Ask us about our first-time homebuyer and other programs.

Refinance your home mortgage

Pay off your home mortgage sooner than you think. Whether you want to build home equity faster or just save money, Jax Fire CU can work with you to help lower your interest rate and monthly payments with our refinancing options.

Why refinance?

  • Reduce the time of your loan by months – even years and pay off your home sooner!
  • Pay a lower interest rate on your mortgage and have lower monthly payments
  • You can reallocate your funds to other debt including student loans, credit card balances and auto loans

When to Refinance?

  • When interest rates are lower than they were when you first got your loan
  • When your home has value has appreciated in market value

Flexible Finance Package

Overwhelmed with mortgage options? Unsure of where to turn for trusted advice? We get it. It doesn’t have to be difficult, scary or pushy.

No matter the size of loan, our goal is always the same…assisting you into the perfect home by providing the right home financing package. It’s important to us to help you find a mortgage that allows you to not only buy the house, but keep the home. We live here too, so it’s what any caring neighbor would do.

Let our mortgage professionals help you find the best term, rate, and program to fit your budget. So you can worry about the fun stuff, like the cabinets and paint colors. 


For mortgages funded AFTER January 2, 2022 please use the MAKE A PAYMENT BUTTON.

Got your mortgage loan before January 1, 2022? Continue making your payments as usual.